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Used-Oil Heater Kit (H-8012A): for shop size 2,000 to 6,000 sq ft, depending on insulation and other factors

You won't believe the heat!

This is a tremendous heater, costing 1/3 the price of a commercial used oil heater with the same heating capacity. And it has higher efficiency!

Easy to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to troubleshoot.

Only five electrical components. You can fix it yourself without calling a serviceman.

No filtering needed

Just a screen assembly for the top of the reservoir (included in your kit). Water and antifreeze should be separated from the oil. Our shop is a metal building with 2” insulation and 3 large doors. The shop area is 70’ x 80’ with a 24’ ceiling. At 32 degrees outside we can maintain 70 degrees or more in the building on 3/4 gallon of used oil per hour. Because of the high efficiency of this heater kit, if your shop is less than 2,000 square feet, we highly recommend you use the MamaBurn heater kit or you’ll be baked out!

The kit includes almost everything you need:

H-8010 Burner Control Package (see H-8010 , page 9), Bottom Barrel Legs, Top Barrel Legs, Door Assembly, Flue Collars, Barrel End Plates, 38 heat exchanger tubes, Baffle Plate, 3-speed 1400 CFM Blower Assembly, Air Plenum to direct air through the top and bottom barrel heat exchangers, ceramic insulation blanket, 80-mesh Screen Assembly, all gasketing and hardware needed, and detailed assembly instructions.

You Supply:

Two 55 gallon barrels, flue pipe, and a reservoir for the used oil (we use a 30 gallon barrel).


To start, preheat the combustion chamber with 1/4 to 1/3 cup of kerosene or diesel and wadded up newspaper. This will get it hot enough for the oil to begin vaporizing and burn by itself. It will run continuously at the heat output you set with the speed control on the pump. This heater is not thermostatically controlled and is not intended to be run unattended. Our Cutaway Floor Model

How hard is it to assemble?

Your barrels will need the following modifications as instructed in the kit: 1. The barrel ends will need to be cut out, leaving a 1” lip around the edge on each end. The new end plates provided in the kit will be attached to the lip with screws and gasketing. The new end plates are already predrilled with holes for the heat exchanger tubes and the door is cut out. 2. A 6” flue hole in the bottom barrel and two 6” flue holes in the top barrel must be cut. 3. A 2-3/8” hole in the bottom barrel for the combustion air pipe must be cut. The remainder of the assembly is mostly marking and drilling holes for screws and attaching the supplied parts. No welding is required. Clear, step-by-step assembly instructions with photos are provided. 10 - 15 hour assembly time.

Data sheet

Variable Heat:
70,000 Btu to 180,000 Btu
Oil Consumption:
1/2 gallon to 1 1/4 gallon per hour
Approximate weight:
325 lbs (350 lbs shipping weight)
Heating efficiency:
80 to 85%
Assembled dimensions:
32” W x 54” L x 75” H, plus space for oil reservoir • 10 to 15 hours assembly time • No Welding Required • Flue size 6”
08043 Power Outage Control
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